About The Bible in 90 Days

What is The Bible in 90 Days?

The Bible in 90 Days is a Bible reading curriculum which helps people read attentively the entire Bible — from cover to cover — in 90 days. Churches across denominations, prisons, drug rehabilitation missions, corporate Bible studies and neighborhood small groups have all used the curriculum successfully to help people read the entire Bible. Small towns have even  invited their citizens to do this curriculum. Groups have ranged from 2 people to 1,000 people spanning 49 states and 20 countries.

Online communities have also used a modified version of the curriculum by integrating blog posts, email groups, Facebook groups,  Twitter chats and the #B90Days Twitter stream to encourage thousands to read the entire Bible together in just 90 days.

What ISN’T The Bible in 90 Days?

1. The Bible in 90 Days is NOT a speed-read through the Bible. Rather, it’s akin to reading the Bible like a novel.

2. It is NOT a Bible study.

How did the Bible in 90 Days begin?

The Bible in 90 Days program was developed by Ted Cooper in Houston, Texas, when, after being happily agnostic for 43 years, Ted decided to read the entire Bible, cover to cover. His life was forever changed by that experience, just as tens of thousands of lives have been changed by that decision and what came from it.

Click to read more about the History of Bible in 90 Days in Ted Cooper’s words.

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